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How-To Videos

Roof Cements & Roof Repair

An explanation of how to select the appropriate Black Jack roof leak repair product for your roof.
Leak Stopper is a patented roof leak patch that stops roof leaks instantly. It's rubberized protection lasts up to 10 years! 
A revolutionary advancement in roof patching and repair. This long lasting rubberized repair is specially formulated to penetrate deep into damaged areas and stop roof leaks instantly!

Driveway Sealers & Repair

Your blacktop driveway is in bad shape, what can you do? Refresh it with Black Jack Asphalt Driveway Sealers!
3 easy steps: clean, repair and seal.
That's all it takes to restore the beauty of a blacktop driveway. Asphalt turns gray and wears out, developing cracks over time. 

Foundation Coatings

A simple explanation on how to select the correct Black Jack foundation coatings.
Foundations and basement walls can leak and damage your home. Here are eashy step-by-step how to instructions to dampproof your foundation walls and basements with a foundation coating from Black Jack.