Black Jack® Silver Seal 300

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Fibered Aluminum Reflective Roof Coating

Black Jack® Silver Seal 300 is a liquid applied, coating that forms a reflective and protective finish to roofs. This blend of asphalt and aluminum forms a bright silver finish that reflects heat and UV rays. This product will seal and waterproof a variety of roof and outside wall surfaces. It protects, insulates, decorates and preserves built-up asphalt roofs, composition roofs, silos, metal roofs, siding, and water towers. It may also be used on cinder blocks as a sidewall coating. Do not use on shingle roofs, or over rubber membranes, EPDM roofing systems, or elastomerictype coatings.

Product Code Unit Size
5175-A-30-F 5 gal 41 lbs 1 ea
5175-A-34-F 1 gal 8.5 lbs 6 /case

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Black Jack® Silver Seal 300
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